What is the best Dating app for Gamers?

There is a brand new dating app called KIPPO; it brings gaming and dating together in an interactive experience that is intriguing and fun. It’s a Social Hub that starts at only $10 per month! It blows other apps out of the water for this niche of gamers.

What is Kippo?

There are some good things about this app and a few bad things. To start with the pros, it has a stylish techy feel that lets you share that unique interest a gamer has, even if it’s in a nerdy way. As I said, they have merged into an arcade hub for people to meet and Mingle. The most significant negative would be that there’s only audio chat. You cannot access this on the regular internet as a URL. in my opinion, the app would be much better if there were a good video call similar to Omegle, but maybe in the future, they’ll update some things.

As We Know, the popularity of video games is increasing every day, but there’s a weird feeling that people look down upon the gamers. With this app, no one’s looking down on you; you’re number one. Play together for fun; it’s the number one way to share an interest rather than having someone complaining about your habits.

How to Get started using this dating app?

To get started, you need to go to the App Store and download the Kippo mobile app. You will need your phone number to register. You will not be able to go to their web domain and socialize; everything has to be done on the app though there’s some exciting content on the website if you would like to view it. Once you enter the app, you will notice bright colors with a dark background, almost like you’re writing code. You can tell they’re trying to appease Their audience. there’s some gamification on it with animations; to me, it almost looks like the dark version of Robin Hood. The app

You’ll be able to create a profile with your age and location gender; you must post legitimate photos of yourself. They’ll ask you questions you want to answer, consisting of what games you like. Based on these, the algorithm will go into their Spear of people that have signed up and show them to you. Many different images will display showing different pictures similar to a comic strip with multiple factors, including what character you like the best playing in a game. But suppose you must add something that shows what you are traditionally looking for in a partner. In that case, you can add similar interests as you would put on a regular dating profile that way, you can try to find your romantic compatibility. When viewing the app, you can tell that they’re trying to help people who may not want to speak as much by providing them with games and perfect social cues to pick up on conversations quickly.

Is the Premium Version of Kippo worth it?

Most users like to go towards the $10 a month route. That way, they have unlimited swipes and can add more about that personality to their account. If you decide to stay on the free account, you will only be able to swipe on 30 profiles per day.

The Metaverse meets dating app

The metaverse will soon meet this popular dating app and have Kippo 2.0. The game in this metaverse or chat room, whatever you best put it. It’s very similar to how Club Penguin is laid out. You can use audio chat to make the virtual dating experience unforgettable. You’ll be able to play sports and drive around! And walk wherever you would like but don’t rely too much on the gaming because you might forget why you’re there, and that is to find love! Let’s start thinking Roblox meets Tinder, the concept redesigned to match the consumer of the average day nerdy gamer.

During the recent lockdowns, we have seen many people reside back into their homes; most Gamers were excited to not be stereotyped negatively for being inside their rooms all day. In the future, I see other dating apps, including Tinder, match.com, and Bumble doing similar things with Web 2.0 technology that may overpower Kippo. Still, for now, I think Kippo is the number one dating app for the nerd, the geek, or anybody that loves playing games and does not want to be judged! You don’t even have to leave your room. If you wanted to take it off the app and get the new potential partner to know you a little bit better, you could even do a zoom call and get more comfortable until you meet them in the real world.

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