How to take good pictures for dating apps  

Many dating apps exist, including Bumble, Tinder,, hinge, and Facebook dating. The list will go on forever. Knowing how to take great pictures to get the opposite sex to swipe right on you is more important today than ever. People think they can find love or one nightstand by posting unflattering photos, but it’s nearly impossible with the competition out there. We have all seen people’s dating mistakes on these apps and the creepy pictures put together. Some people take group pictures, but the problem is they think which one is he. Who are they getting in this match? Most people have a brief attention span and do not want to look at a profile for over 3 seconds if they’re not interested.

In some situations, you can barely see who the person is. Most of these people are just naive about the importance of the portrait.

1. Do not take pics with friends

Poor quality pictures taken by some random stranger at a park do not cut it. Taking pictures with friends seems familiar; They most likely won’t see you. Heck, they may even be attracted more to your friend than they are to you. And if they’re not, they don’t want to play where’s Waldo looking for their potential hook up.

2. Show your personality in the picture

Photos showing you doing activities or being at events such as concerts will guide future Partners to Who You Are. It’s one thing to tell people what you like. It’s another thing to show it. The whole time you’re selling yourself in pictures. It’s an exciting illusion of how people perceive you. Your marketing to the opposite sex – I’m the person you want; you need me. Some of the clients we have had taken pictures of snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, bungee jumping, and sometimes they are more simple things like showing them at a local dance hall Dancing the night away.

3. What you wear and don’t wear

Try not to post a ton of selfies! And also, unless you have just amazing abs or a bodybuilders Style Body, try not to post too many photos without your shirt. You can look prideful and selfish, very egotistical by doing so. Women want a courageous guy, and the color red is known for courage! Showing off every feature that is PG-13, including your eyes, hair, and facial Beauty, is also a key factor.

4. No Distractions

Make sure no distractions are taking away from Who You Are! You don’t want people to perceive something that you don’t want them to perceive you as. On top of that, you don’t want a background behind you that distracts you. Also, if you want them to be distracted for a moment, tell them something about yourself behind the scenes (background).

5. Do not Catfish

You may look better on your sweet 18th birthday, you are an adult now, and you do not look the same no matter what you tell yourself. by keeping an old photo, you’re setting yourself up for an awkward situation where most likely the date will go wrong.

6. Quality over quantity

Getting professional pictures done is essential to mark yourself to the opposite sex. It would give them an excellent visual of you and present your optimal self to the fullest.

7. Don’t post your EX in a photo.

Using the Allure of being with someone on a dating app is almost pointless; you should not have the opposite sex in a picture. It will seem that you are unavailable, and future partners will swipe right as they have not yet invested any of their time and are afraid to waste it.

8. Do not look creepy

Look into the camera and smile, show that you are trustworthy and they have nothing to worry about if you go on a date with them alone. You want to show your kindness through your pictures and put down your ego and pride. Show the quiet confidence that will lead them to believe in you. Open body language shows that you care about yourself and the people around you.

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